Are You Not Achieving The Goals You Set? Do you Struggle To Sustain Motivation and Momentum, Breaking Through To The Level You KNOW You Can Get To? 
Why Not YOU and Why Not NOW?

Only $197 (Lifetime Access) 

  • Are you struggling to achieve your dream body, and no matter what you do it just won't happen?
  • Do you currently feel that you are not living to your highest potential?
  • Are you unsure of what path you would even like to take in life?
  • Do you wake up in the morning and often dread the day ahead?
  • Are you a hump day Wednesday thank god its Friday, don't want to get up on Monday type of person?
  • Do you want more in life but you are currently lacking the roadmap and how to?
  • Are you looking for a clear defined, no hype approach to finally living the life you truly desire?
What Will You Learn?
  • How to gain clarity and find a starting point in any area of your life.
  • How to SET goals that guarantee your success.
  • A unique framework that you can follow to ensure everything you learn at the event will be transferred into your life moving forward.
  • How to become your true and authentic self and remain there with clarity and momentum.
  • Why it is so much easier than you may think to finally UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS.
  • How to gain confidence in any area of your life.
  • How to get more done in half the time (utilising the Right Now DPM method).
  • The 3 MISSING secrets needed to achieve maximum health and your dream body.
  • How to EASILY find protection and support and how to call upon it whenever you WANT.
The Unleash Your Greatness Mastery Program Outline
Each module consists of short, yet EXTREMELY effective video lessons. 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Module 1: DISCOVER

START HERE: Welcome To Unleash Your Greatness

The 4 D Framework For Success 

Brett's Story - How and Why UYG Was Started 

DISCOVER: The Intro 

13 Major Obstacles We All Face and What To Do About It 

The Most POWERFUL Exercise Ever 

The 7 Major Areas Of Your Life 

Your Life's Purpose

Module 2: DESIGN

The Right Now Calendar Method 

The Three Crucial Surroundings 

Module 3: DEVELOP (SELF) 


The Success Equation 

How Are You Showing Up? 

The 7 Day Experience 

PHYSIOLOGY - The Two Most Important Questions 

Living Your Best Life 

Life Hacks To Consider 

PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE - The 4 Levels of Learning 

The Apprentice Journey 

Speed Reading For Increased Knowledge  

PRODUCTIVITY - 7 Powerful Productivity Hacks 


Your Individual Support System 

The 7 Day Friends Challenge 

Groups and Communities 

Relationship Capital 

Automate Your Life - Finding Your 10% Connection With Yourself

Module 4: DELIVER

Your Life Rules and Instructions  

Your Morning Ritual 

Dear Me

Only $197 (Lifetime Access) 

What Do These People Have To Say About "UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS"?

"Unleash your greatness is an event everyone in the “people industry” should attend. Brett is like turning on the tap of positive and supportive energy. He helped me recognise my strengths, to value myself and helped me discover who I am and what I want in life. Brett asks the right questions so I could find my own answers. He encouraged me, so that I felt sure of my abilities and authenticated my own sense of self worth. He helped me to recognise my fears that were holding me back and gave me the tools to implement a positive change that keeps me focused and systemised. I am on my way to a happier, healthier future thanks to the seminar I did with Brett Campbell’s UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS EVENT."  Roz Abrahams

"Fantastic, one of the best seminars I have ever been to. I will be back again for certain" Donna Eather

"Extremely beneficial and resourceful"  Shirelle Dalli

"I walked away with a step by step method" Morgan Michael

"Brett was fantastic, especially being able to keep the attention of the whole room for the entire day" Andrew Walker

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone" Alexandra Craig

"Many people don't know where to start, they know what they want and need but have no idea. This event has been fabulous in helping me achieve that first step"  Marslie Smits

"Brett always delivers a jam packed workshop and he has done it again. So many tools I can take away and implement" Shannan Mac

"Was spot on, great delivery with awesome content" Jacob Hartigan

"Great content, relevant to life and business and extremely well presented" Mark Hocking

"I was hesitant in coming as I had spent an entire day the week before listening to a speaker who was boring and very disengaging. I was so glad I came today. Brett is the complete opposite. He is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever seen"  Andrea Currie 

"I can't sufficiently put into words the benefits I have taken away with me after the Unleash Your Greatness presentation. I feel like a much nicer well rounded person and I am tackling each day with a completely different, positive and confident outlook. Brett has a way of explaining a theoretical concept in such a way that you hang on every word and can't wait to try it for yourself. Who doesn't want to be more in touch with themselves and their loved ones" Jess Jennings

"I already feel like I am a better version of myself. Highly recommend it to everyone" Matt Richardson

"Confidence boosting realization I need to start living my dreams. Loved every minute" Cyndi Bayer

"As usual, Brett's enthusiasm is contagious and his content is inspiring. Thanks." Kim Brown

"Opened my eyes to how much more you can get out of life" Maddy Westall

"Great content that is practical and came with system for implementation." Michael Westall

"It was great to gain knowledge on how to change your thinking to achieve your goals" Natasha Backzyk

"Brett is extremely passionate & this resonates through the day. Extremely beneficial" experience" Jen Austin

"Today has been so beneficial and Im sure I can implement at least a few aspects into my life easily." Dani Pirie

"Brett is an amazing motivating speaker. If you are looking to improve your life and are lacking the self confidence, you need to come to an UYG seminar! The tools and concepts you learn will help change your life" Ashley Hunt

"OMG! this experience has opened up my mind and a whole lot more than I ever expected, Amazing" Gina Aue

"I feel I now have a different outlook on things, no longer feeling guilty about taking time out for me. Happy mum = happy kidsImplemented some changes around the house in regards to the children and the way that we interact. I have been more present with the kids, spending one on one time with both of them and really listening. Finally believing that I am doing a good job raising my children, believing that I am worthy, I am enough the way I am. I do deserve to be happy and be loved. I CAN do anything I put my mind to." Letitia Jackson


The UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS day is broken up into 4 main phases:

Phase 1: Discover
The first phase to the Right Now framework is the Discover Phase. This phase is critical because in order to make a meaningful life transition, you must first identify what you are looking to achieve. Despite its importance, this phase is often the most overlooked. Many books, course, or other content focus so much on “seven steps to success” or “five things to do today to supercharge your life” without considering that it doesn’t matter how many steps you take if you are heading in the wrong direction. 

You could have the best plan in the world, but if you are not aiming at a destination of true meaning then you’re going to end up spinning your wheels. 

The Discover Phase is also the most challenging. It involves you, a mirror, and the ability to take a good hard look at all areas of your life. It will challenge you to uncover the truth about who you really are and what you really stand for. And at the end, you will discover where you really are and where you really want to go. Once you discover that, it is time to start designing your path to get there, which leads natural to the next phase.

Phase 2: Design
When we reach the Design Phase you will know who you are and where you are going. In this phase you then start tackling something that a lot of people skip over. Very few people even think about it. But it is crucial. 

If you wanted to build a house, you wouldn’t just start nailing wood together would you? Of course not. You would create a plan. So if you have discovered where you really want to go with your life you shouldn’t just start doing all the random things that may or may not lead you in that direction, right? Of course not. You need a plan. 

The Design Phase helps you do just that. In this phase I will walk you through your personal blueprint for success, help you make sure your surroundings are pushing you towards success, instead of sabotaging your success, and even give you the four key parts of your surrounding that you must address Right Now. It is because of the time I spent in this phase that I live my life the way I want, have the ability to play golf two times a week, work an average of three days a week, and take several vacations a year with only a couple of weeks’ notice. 

This phase is the answer to the very first question people ask me when they hear about my schedule: How? It’s simple. I design my life like that. And you can, too. I’ll show you how.

Phase 3: Develop 
By phase three you will know where you are, where you are going, and how you plan to get there. Pretty incredible, right? Once you have that down you are ready to start developing the personal and relational traits to implement your plan. 

This phase is one of my favorites because it really connects with my entrepreneurial brain, my creative side, and the doer within me. In this phase I walk you through the two most important traits you must develop to become the best performing version of yourself. Don’t worry, I have created a unique and simple framework to guide you through this phase and some incredibly impactful and beneficial how to tips that will blow your mind! 

 When you are done with phase three you will have everything you need to start taking action to live the life of your dreams. You will know where you are and where you are going. You will have a plan to get there. And you will have begun developing the two most important traits to ensure your success. The only thing left is phase four. This is where the rubber hits the road.

Phase 4: Deliver
By the time you get to phase four you will be ready to take massive action. That’s why phase four is all about the how to. In this phase I share some of my best tips for supercharging your success and getting the most out of your life. I help you get and stay on track with your plan. 

As you work through phase four you will begin to see your life coming into shape, just as you designed it. I will show you how to set yourself up for greatness and move forward with such confidence and gusto that you will also naturally become a beacon of light for your friends and family around you.
Who Is This For?
  • The person who wants more from life.
  • The person who is currently stuck and unsure of what direction to take.
  • The person who doesn’t feel like they have support to do this.
  • The person who is looking for practical how to strategies to put all of the theory into action.
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