New World: How to transfer your character to another server

If you are still subject to queues on New World servers or simply want to join friends, know that the latest patch 1.0.3 finally allows you to transfer your character from one server to another. other. Expected for some time, this update ended up being delayed because the tests carried out internally were not conclusive.

However, the problem of long waits before the connection has ended up being reduced, in particular thanks to anti-AFK prevention deployed in early October. 

It is important to take stock of what will be saved and what will not be during the server transfer so that the players do not have any unpleasant surprises during this operation. In order not to be mistaken, here is the procedure to follow to achieve it?

New World: Can we transfer the characters between regions?

Before that, let us first specify that it is currently not possible to transfer your character to a server in another region. If you are on a European server, you cannot go to a North American server and vice versa. However, Amazon is working on a way to make this possible although it will take time.

New World: How to transfer your character to another server?

Choose a sparsely populated server

Before making the transfer, be aware that the game’s official site recites the servers according to their population. Thus, if you are not looking at the chosen server, please consult the lists by opting for preferences for a server that displays low traffic.

Transfer your character

Here are the steps that will make you change the server with all the information you need :

  • Log into the current server of the character you want to transfer.
  • It is imperative that you leave your brotherhood if you have joined one before proceeding with the process.
  • Also remove open buy and sell orders.
  • Press esc to access the menu and click on the shop tab.
  • Then click on the “World transfer” tab
  • Then buy the free world transfer.
  • Then choose a new world and validate to confirm the transfer.
how to transfer character in new world
New World: transfer character to another server
New World: character transfer to another server

New World Character Transfer FAQs

Will I keep my progress when I transfer my character to New World?

Yes, you will keep your level, your weapon masteries, your ranks, your money, your current and completed quests, your houses, your inventory and everything you have stored.

What am I losing with this transfer?

Only your friend’s list.

Under what conditions is the transfer impossible?

Note that you will not be able to complete the transfer if:

  • The chosen world is undergoing maintenance.
  • You already have a character in the chosen world.
  • The world is already full.

Can I make a transfer again?

Later, Amazon will offer the option of obtaining further transfers through the store. Only the service will be paid this time.

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