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"Life Is Too Short To Not Be Living To Your Full Potential..."
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What Will I Discover?
Here Is A Little of What You'll Discover Inside Right Now!
  • The Power, The Warning, and the Promise
  • How to Start Building Your Best Life "Right Now!"
  • The Four Phases of the Right Now Framework 
  • Questions That Will Ignite Your Desire To Be Living To Your Full Potential 
  • How To Find Your True Life's Purpose
  • How To Create Your Personal Plan for Greatness
  • The Success Equation and How This Applies To You and Your Life
  • The Most Valuable Asset You Will Ever Own and How To Use It
  • How To Develop Your Best “Self” and Live Congruently With This Every day
  • Practical "How Too" Tips and Strategies You Can Implement Immediately
  • The Two Most Important Questions You Could Ever Ask Your Self

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What's "Right Now" About?
Most people have something in their life that’s holding them back: a belief, circumstance, or preconceived idea. 
Right Now gives a unique look into getting past whatever is keeping you from achieving your best self by walking the reader through the 4 phases of change.
Right Now is a comprehensible account about how certain life events can set a greater purpose into motion. Right Now will ignite the spark readers need to exam their current existence and determine if they are truly filling life’s possibilities. 

It not only highlights the realization that time is life, but also helps readers implement change by explaining how they can create their own momentum and take action right away.

Inspired by the loss of a dear friend, provides a haven for those ready and willing to take potential and convert it into action. He understands the importance of each person taking control of their own power and using it to build the energy needed to transform ordinary into exceptional and dreams into reality. 

Brett teaches readers, who are prepared to do what it takes to thrive, how to utilize the Right Now process—Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver—and start seeing results now. This process, broken down, shows readers how to Discover their vision, Design their path, Develop skillsets, and finally Deliver their dreams to reality. 2016 - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy