Where is the Command symbol and how to reveal it on the Fortnite Season 8 Map

Season 8 of Fortnite constantly brings new characters with new challenges and punch cards. Now it is Ariana Grande’s turn who, among other missions, asks us to collect the command symbol.

Below you will find a guide in which to see where all the command symbols are on the Season 8 map. As you will see below, completing this challenge is as simple as approaching the marked points and repeating the sequence of actions that is shown to us before we can interact with the object.

Without further ado, here is the map with all control symbols Season 8 of Fortnite, courtesy of Fortnite.gg. We hope it will be of great help to you throughout the season to continue leveling up in the Battle Pass.

Command symbol on the Fortnite Season 8 Map

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